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Seven Day Candle-Seven Colors

Seven Day Candle-Seven Colors

Seven Day Candle

Experience seven days of intention and focus with Seven Day Candles. Each colorful candle is crafted with powerful energy and thought to help manifest your goals and desires. Light this carefully crafted candle for powerful transformation and real change.

Day 1 - Green: Start your week with the green candle, symbolizing prosperity, growth, and harmony. It's like planting the seeds of success and abundance.

Day 2 - Red: On the second day, the red candle ignites for protection, courage, and fiery energy. It's a boost for your strength and passion.

Day 3 - Yellow: As the week progresses, bring in the yellow candle to light up your path with success, inspiration, and happiness. It's like a beacon of positivity.

Day 4 - Blue: Midweek, the blue candle brings serenity and wisdom. It helps you stay truthful, patient, and kind, guiding you through the week's challenges.

Day 5 - Pink: On the fifth day, the pink candle spreads love, charm, and compassion. It's like a warm hug, reminding you of the beauty in life.

Day 6 - Purple: As the weekend approaches, the purple candle lights for ambition, power, and a touch of mystery. It's your key to inner strength and wisdom.

Day 7 - White: Finally, on the seventh day, the white candle represents purity, spirituality, and healing. It's a reminder of clarity and a fresh start for the week ahead.

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