The Harmony Store

We are your Beads, Crystals, Stones and Jewelry accessories shop in Miami.

Healing Crystals and Beads in the Miami, FL Area

We are your one-stop-shop for beads, healing crystals, and stones in Miami. We carry a great variety of quartz, gemstones, hand-made jewelry bracelets, earrings, neckless, rings, spiritual, meditational, and reiki accessories. Our mission is to help others reach their goals of internal peace and self-betterment. We do this by supplying high-quality metaphysical products that help the mind, body, and spirit.

We have a wide variety of crystals and stones to meet your needs. 

Our metaphysical products include beads, crystals, and stones. We also have other options in our store and via our online store. 

Beads bring a unique form of positive energy and healing. 

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We hope you enjoy our crystals and beads as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

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Beads and Crystals to Suit Your Needs

Benefits of Crystals: Why do people buy crystals? Besides their beauty, crystals are also known to have physical and emotional benefits. Healing crystals and stones are used to promote the flow of positive energy and rid the body of negative energy.  

Caring for Crystals: There are specific ways to care for and cleanse each type of crystal. We’ve listed the best known ways to cleanse crystals so that you can get the best effect from yours.  

Current Crystal Inventory:  We sell quality crystalsstones, gemstone beads, and other metaphysical products. Check out our product page to see what we have in-stock!  

Crystals and Stones: We have a wide variety of crystals and stones, each with their own unique effects and uses. Learn more about the different types of crystals and their uses here!  

Beads: Beads bring a unique form of positive energy and healing. We sell beads made from healing crystals, which can be fashioned into necklaces and bracelets or used in artistic projects.  

Metaphysical Products:  Our selection of unique, handmade spiritual and New Age pieces will fill you with wonder. Click here to see all the magical goodies we sell in-store and online.  

The Harmony Store Is Here To Provide You With Crystals, Beads, and Metaphysical Products

Visit our spiritual store in Miami or shop with us online by visiting our Current Inventory page. You can also give us a call at (786) 483-9172 if you have any questions.


What Our Client Say

  • Love this store great selection of crystals and beautiful stone jewelryAlbeit a little pricey but still a great place to go

    Anaivis V. Avatar
    Anaivis V.

    The expertise from the young ladies was very great. The energy at the store inspires peace. Thank you.

    ggzela Avatar

    I love going to Harmony for all the different things that you can see and buy but, the warm friendly... read more

    Yvonne M. Avatar
    Yvonne M.
  • I found myself in need of change in my life. I can tell you without a doubt, I realized the... read more

    Laz M. Avatar
    Laz M.

    I came to the harmony store with tears in my eyes, I was having a rough day and the ladies... read more

    Sidra A. Avatar
    Sidra A.

    Mágico y una excelente atención

    Tabata A. Avatar
    Tabata A.
  • My favorite mystical place. Store has so much beauty and beautiful energy😍. The service is amazing. Its definitely one... read more

    Diamond C. Avatar
    Diamond C.

    The store is beautiful, they have a large quantity and variety of stones and crystals. Super recommended are original... read more

    Astrid S. Avatar
    Astrid S.

    Beautiful stones and jewelry. Best customer service you could expect in a place like this.

    Angela M. Avatar
    Angela M.
  • What an amazing gem store with a wonderful selection of crystals and beautiful jewelry pieces. Nelly It's so detailed and... read more

    Nellie P. Avatar
    Nellie P.

    I love this store is amazing it has everything you need from crystals to any of the other... read more

    Maritza R. Avatar
    Maritza R.

    Nice place , good stuff, great atmosphere

    fluffuloop Avatar
  • Great energy !!!

    Progressive r. Avatar
    Progressive r.

    Great store and amazing staff !!!Thank you so much for all your help and ideas.See you soon, that’s for sure.Ileana

    Ileana A. Avatar
    Ileana A.

    Mi tienda favorita para comprar cristales! Tiene una inmensa variedad y asesoría de lo que busques.... 100% recomendados

    Marisol M. Avatar
    Marisol M.
  • If you are looking for a local crystal shop with a wide variety of crystals, metaphysical supplies, as well as... read more

    Jasmine J. Avatar
    Jasmine J.

    The personalized service is amazing. Went there and the lady went above and beyond to help me with what I... read more

    Belkys S. Avatar
    Belkys S.

    Love this store.. such a wide selection of stones, gems, beautiful jewelry and more! I forgot the owners name but... read more

    Emily A. Avatar
    Emily A.
  • I love this store! It is so close to home and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Great... read more

    Alice H. Avatar
    Alice H.

    The Owner was very Nice. And, Beyond Helpful. She has Amazing Customer service. And, Very helpful. You can find Many... read more

    Julio B. Avatar
    Julio B.

    Lovely place, lovely people

    Oli C. Avatar
    Oli C.
  • Love the store. Friendly and so inviting.

    Maria C. Avatar
    Maria C.

    The employees are friendly and provide a lot of their knowledge for any questions you may have about their merchandise!... read more

    jacqueline b. Avatar
    jacqueline b.

    The owner was very attentive and in a state of bliss, I dropped an amethyst orb and I was so... read more

    Lavern V. Avatar
    Lavern V.
  • Great place, very relaxing and the people who work they are very kind and helpful.

    yo m. Avatar
    yo m.

    If you want to buy beautiful stones this is the place.I love to come in the store even if I... read more

    Yvonne Avatar

    This is an amazing store for those who understand or are attracted to the healing power of crystals. ... read more

    Amelia M. Avatar
    Amelia M.
  • This so far is my #1 store for soooo many reasons. As an individual with many gifts and eagerness to... read more

    Diego G. Avatar
    Diego G.

    Excellent store. They have everything. Beautiful variety of stones. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. I recommend this store. The sales person... read more

    sara m. Avatar
    sara m.

    Un lugar súper agradable con personal atento ,lo recomiendo .

    Ivan L. Avatar
    Ivan L.
  • Beautiful chill place with a great selection of stones. You can come in and browse and receive help as requested.... read more

    Christine K. Avatar
    Christine K.

    This store has mostly everything you are looking for as far as precious stones and other spiritual objects. What makes... read more

    Gillian A. Avatar
    Gillian A.

    La mejor tienda de cristales. Las muchachas son super amables y se toman su tiempo en explicarlo todo sin empujarte... read more

    Alejandra L. Avatar
    Alejandra L.
  • The gorgeous store front prompted me to walk into this shoppe and I immediately felt the inviting clean energy as... read more

    death t. Avatar
    death t.

    beautiful stones and minerals for a great price!!

    Natasha S. Avatar
    Natasha S.

    A hidden gem. Kind, knowledgeable, and happily overwhelmed by their selections. Overdue for another visit!

    Jen L. Avatar
    Jen L.
  • I am so glad to have found this store. I found all the Crystals I was looking for but aside... read more

    Mia B. Avatar
    Mia B.

    Giving this special 'Thank You' shout out to Nelli and Frank for their patient attention, keeping the store open a... read more

    Johnny T. Avatar
    Johnny T.

    Excelente lugar para comprar todo tipo de piedras. Muy buen servicio al cliente, se encuentra variedad de mercancía a un... read more

    Gabriela R. Avatar
    Gabriela R.
  • First time visiting this store and had a great experience! Everything is B E A U T I F U... read more

    Elischa R. Avatar
    Elischa R.

    Facil acceso, muy sencillo estacionar, las personas que atienden están capacitadas para ayudar en diferentes temas. Los precios son insuperables,... read more

    Gary P. Avatar
    Gary P.

    They were super nice and helpful. Will be coming here again!

    Samantha N. Avatar
    Samantha N.
  • Great store, love the incense and the beautiful gems. Nelly is great answering any questions and is very personable. Thank... read more

    Yona C. Avatar
    Yona C.

    Incredible variety of stones. I was able to find the Moldavite I needed. Great customer service.

    Airam G. Avatar
    Airam G.

    Found out about this store through my sister and I’m glad I came across this business. The owner was super... read more

    Valerie R. Avatar
    Valerie R.
  • Beautiful Beads and Stones!!!!

    Clara Z. Avatar
    Clara Z.

    Divina relax total, excelente atencion

    Marina R. Avatar
    Marina R.

    They have a big selection of different healing stones and books. Great customer service and affordable prices. Thank you Frank

    cinthya A. Avatar
    cinthya A.
  • Es un establecimiento muy bonito y ordenado la que atiende es muy amable y solicita, pero una de las 3... read more

    Ileana C. Avatar
    Ileana C.

    The customer service was beyond expectations. She was attentive and informative about each item I inquired about. An excellent establishment 🙂

    Jenny M. Avatar
    Jenny M.

    First time as a customer and i HIGHLY recommend this store to anyone who’s looking for high quality quartz stone... read more

    Adrian P. Avatar
    Adrian P.
  • Store is peaceful to shop in and very organized, also nice atmosphere and I received wonderful help. I loved... read more

    Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    What a gem of a store!!! The fabulous selection of crystals and beautiful artistry of Nelly’s jewelry pieces will... read more

    Janette M. Avatar
    Janette M.

    Amazing merchandise so original beautiful pieces

    WWSS E. Avatar
    WWSS E.
  • Esta tienda es mágica, apenas entras se siente la energía, productos de excelente calidad.

    Luisana G. Avatar
    Luisana G.

    This store is amazing! It's nice to have a store that solely prioritizes in crystals, especially ones that are difficult... read more

    Nicole M. Avatar
    Nicole M.

    Lovely little store with a great variety of stones and chrystals. The owner is very welcoming and cordial. Really a... read more

    Asela C. Avatar
    Asela C.
  • i love this store, is like magic inside, everything is beautiful and have all the positive energy you need to... read more

    Catalina D. Avatar
    Catalina D.

    The crystals are stunning and the ladies who helped me out were so incredibly kind and informative!

    BECCA S. Avatar
    BECCA S.

    Love this store, we had a great experience. I went with my husband to by an amathist stone for him... read more

    Albania S. Avatar
    Albania S.
  • Amazing store! Great energy in the store! Will be returning again soon! Great service. Very helpful staff. Very quality crystals!

    Tucker B. Avatar
    Tucker B.

    Lovely store with many options. Owner was very kind and informative. Will be returning!

    Melissa O. Avatar
    Melissa O.

    Great little store. Has a little bit of everything. Owners are super nice. Very welcoming and took the extra time... read more

    felipe v. Avatar
    felipe v.
  • This was an amazing place such a wide selection. Friendly service and great shopping experience I highly recommend it... read more

    Ania M. Avatar
    Ania M.

    Great selection and energy!

    Ramiro D. Avatar
    Ramiro D.

    Beautiful store with amazing energy and beautiful pieces!

    I A. Avatar
    I A.
  • Loving the new addition to my collection . Awesome store, highly recommend.

    Lyan B. Avatar
    Lyan B.

    Really what can i say .. i was nicely surprised with great customer service, nice aesthetics ..beautiful assortment at good... read more

    Alexa S. Avatar
    Alexa S.

    I love this store! There is a huge selection of stones, beads, handmade jewelry, etc. The owner is amazing! She... read more

    Annel M. Avatar
    Annel M.
  • Loved this shop. Excellent service and very knowledgeable owner. Will definetly be shopping again

    rossana t. Avatar
    rossana t.

    Super awesome store with huge selection of all types of stones and beads. Awesome customer service you got to check... read more

    Joseph L. Avatar
    Joseph L.

    Will go back for sure! Great store!

    cesar c. Avatar
    cesar c.
  • So happy I found this store! They have such a great variety on stones, gems and beads. Great customer service,... read more

    Scarleth V. Avatar
    Scarleth V.

    Great products . Sales persons are very knowledge and willing to help.

    Rosemarie S. Avatar
    Rosemarie S.

    I am in love with crystal and stones and now the JEWERLY custom made. I been to many shows and... read more

    Lilly E. Avatar
    Lilly E.
  • So many beautiful things! And they were very helpful, they went out of their way to help me find... read more

    Milly G. Avatar
    Milly G.

    The store is absolutely beautiful. They will answer any questions throughly and make it feel like a homey space.

    Defninja Avatar

    Excellent shop-store, ⚛️ 📿 beautiful place as well.

    JqKajiu 2. Avatar
    JqKajiu 2.
  • Incredible variety of stones.The store is so tastefully and beautifullyput together.Awesome customer service,very helpful.Can't wait to visit this place again!!"... read more

    ani g. Avatar
    ani g.

    5 star ratingLove this store! Best selection of crystals and beautiful handmade pieces. Always a good experience.

    ariane p. Avatar
    ariane p.

    5 star ratingLove this place! Such a huge selection of stones and beads and incense! Everything you can imagine.The owners are... read more

    Cari V. Avatar
    Cari V.
  • El trato al cliente, el conocimiento y la educación de los trabajadores es excepcional!!!! En la tienda hay una variedad... read more

    Danay P. Avatar
    Danay P.

    Super nice la muchacha y muy buena calidad todo

    Olga L. Avatar
    Olga L.

    I LOVE this shop!! So many beautiful crystals, beads, and minerals to choose from! I recently bought some bracelets, crystals... read more

    Maggie C. Avatar
    Maggie C.
  • What an amazing gem store with a wonderful selection of crystals and beautiful jewelry pieces. Nelly (Proprietor) is so detailed... read more

    Nellie P. Avatar
    Nellie P.

    I love that store . They make you feel at home, Their knowledge on the crystal is amazing. The... read more

    Lilly E. Avatar
    Lilly E.

    Harmony Store is a place where you not only see the beauty of the different stones like their colors and... read more

    Dulce S. Avatar
    Dulce S.
  • Todo la dueña muy linda y especial al igual que su mamá muy buena tienda y se los recomiendo no... read more

    Madelaine C. Avatar
    Madelaine C.

    Their gem and bead selection are lovely. Warm and welcoming environment, beautiful unique crystal pieces and beads, and a kind... read more

    Violeta C. Avatar
    Violeta C.

    5 star ratingMy review # 222, for those of you into synchronicities and numerology.Okay, back to business...I don't come often to The... read more

    Isis N. Avatar
    Isis N.
  • 1 star ratingI bought a necklace which was nice and ordered a bracelet since the one they had was too big. They... read more

    Celeste L. Avatar
    Celeste L.

    This is one of favorite shops. The ladies are so patient and helpful. They have so many stones/crystals to choose... read more

    Ashlee D. Avatar
    Ashlee D.

    Excellent shop-store, ⚛️ 📿 beautiful place as well.

    JqKajiu 2. Avatar
    JqKajiu 2.
  • Incredible variety of stones.The store is so tastefully and beautifullyput together.Awesome customer service,very helpful.Can't wait to visit this place again!!"... read more

    ani g. Avatar
    ani g.

    5 star ratingbeautiful store full of beautiful crystals, very nice and helping staff!!! 10/10 experience !!

    Ashley N. Avatar
    Ashley N.

    Espectacular 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

    Dashiell T. Avatar
    Dashiell T.
  • Very helpful and lovely staff. Definitely will be coming back 🙂

    Angela L. Avatar
    Angela L.

    My go to place to buy crystals!

    Javier O. Avatar
    Javier O.

    This is one of my favorite Crystal Shops in Miami.They have so much variety in Crystals/Stones and also Buddha’s. They... read more

    Sasha Y. Avatar
    Sasha Y.
  • This store is perfect! From the organization and to their employees, Annie was very helpful and knowledgeable on all of... read more

    Alys J. Avatar
    Alys J.

    I will said in my personal experience just went you going in to the store you can feel... read more

    Cristalina F. Avatar
    Cristalina F.

    Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all my questions and helped find what I was looking for.

    Luis A. Avatar
    Luis A.
  • Best place in miami ❤️ Good prices, excellent customer service and quality ...

    N T. Avatar
    N T.

    The second I walked into the Harmony store I instantly fell in love. I can walk around and look at... read more

    Ana G. Avatar
    Ana G.

    Excelente calidad de productos

    anali r. Avatar
    anali r.
  • 5 star ratingGreat local crystal shop. Don't let the storefront size fool you, it is fully stocked with everything you need.

    Sandra P. Avatar
    Sandra P.

    Love this store! Peaceful, large variety on crystals, stones, Buddha’s, etc. etc. Customer service is also pleasant and helpful. I... read more

    Magdeline M. Avatar
    Magdeline M.

    The expertise from the young ladies was great. The energy at the store inspires peace. Thank you.

    ggzela Avatar
  • This store is absolutely beautiful and the vibration is extremely wonderful experience people are super kind and nice helpful. Love... read more

    Carmen L. Avatar
    Carmen L.

    all the employees are so nice!! I felt so welcome in there surrounded by positivity

    Lauren C. Avatar
    Lauren C.

    Everyone who works here is extremely sweet and knowledgeable. I love coming here!!

    Keila R. Avatar
    Keila R.
  • Great little shop. The owners Nelly and Frank are super nice and always willing to explain things in detail. Nelly... read more

    John S. Avatar
    John S.

    Excellent energy in here

    rana j. Avatar
    rana j.

    Highly enjoyed our visit! The owner was very kind she even made a necklace for one of my crystals definitely... read more

    Martha M. Avatar
    Martha M.
  • Absolutely loved this store! From the second you walk in, its so soothing! The help you receive is amazing! Everything... read more

    boobie1515 Avatar

    I had a great experience. As a beginner, I felt nervous at first but I was welcomed and learned so... read more

    Maria G. Avatar
    Maria G.

    5 star ratingCool local store I got some crystals for my wife , I didn't know it was there it's so... read more

    Max J. Avatar
    Max J.
  • 5 star rating

    Cool local store I got some crystals for my wife , I didn't know it was there it's so... read more

    Max J.
  • Excellent energy in here

    rana j
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