Collection: Skulls

For the average person, what comes to mind when they think of skulls are horror movies, death, danger, and occult practices.

In some cultures, however, skulls represent none of these macabre associations – they are a symbol of light, life, and new beginnings.

The ancient Aztec, Nahua, and Toltec civilizations in South America started the Dia delos Muertos (Day of the Dead, which falls on November 1 and 2) to celebrate the reality of death.

They acknowledge that death is a natural and inevitable part of life. So rather than mourning over their loss, they celebrate the lives of the people who have passed.

Dia delos Muertos is still celebrated to this day and families would place candles, flowers, and foods on the grave of their deceased loved ones. South Americans would decorate their altars with flowers, candles, and colourful ceramic skulls as part of their tradition.

In the world of crystal healing, skulls and dark-coloured crystals go great together – not in inciting fear or worry, but to deflect negative energies.

Skulls made from Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are considered to be highly effective in cleansing the aura, reducing anxiety, getting rid of negative thoughts, and protecting against evil intentions.

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