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Citrine Point Rough: Large

Citrine Point Rough: Large

Unleash the raw power of abundance with our Large Citrine Point! This natural crystal, untouched in its natural form, embodies the vibrant yellow hues and potent properties of Citrine.

Citrine, the "Merchant's Stone":

Citrine is a captivating crystal prized for its energizing properties believed to attract abundance, prosperity, and success. It's said to:

  • Amplify Wealth & Manifestation: Enhance your ability to attract and manifest financial abundance.
  • Promote Success & Achievement: Stimulate feelings of confidence and personal power, propelling you towards your goals.
  • Embrace Opportunity & Optimism: Encourage a positive outlook and attract new opportunities for success.

Embrace the Raw Beauty:

This Large Citrine Point, with its natural, rough-cut form, allows you to connect with the raw energy of the crystal. It's a powerful statement piece that can be displayed on its own or incorporated into your crystal grids.

Product Features:

  • Large & Untouched: Embrace the raw beauty of a natural Citrine Point.
  • Genuine Citrine: Experience the authentic energy of this powerful crystal.
  • Promotes Abundance & Success: Cultivate a positive atmosphere for prosperity.

Elevate your space and empower your life with a Large Citrine Point. Order yours today!

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