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Siting Buddha Statue

Siting Buddha Statue

The Teaching Buddha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and fulfilling your destiny. Known as Dharma Chakra Buddha, the Teaching Buddha statue is in a sitting or standing position. The most popular is the sitting pose, since this is the position the Buddha assumed when teaching. This is an important period in the Buddha's life. It symbolizes his sharing of the knowledge he gained during his enlightenment. 

Since the Buddha's teachings came from his heart, both hands are positioned in front of his chest. The index fingers and thumbs touch to form a circle to represent his teaching of the Wheel of Dharma (union of wisdom and method). The other three fingers of both hands always remain extended.

Most statue hand gestures include:

  • Right hand palm turned inwards, left hand palm turned up to receive knowledge
  • Left hand often positioned in Buddha's lap, palm up
  • Both handheld in front with thumbs and forefingers touching

You should place the Teaching Buddha statue in the northeast (education) sector of both inside your home or office and your garden. This is an ideal Buddha statue for a student, especially if you are focused on your spiritual learning and growth.

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