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Mushroom-Red Jasper 1.5"

Mushroom-Red Jasper 1.5"

Enhance your spiritual journey with our Mushroom Red Jasper, measuring 1.5 inches in size. Red Jasper, revered for its grounding properties, is expertly crafted into a mushroom shape, adding a unique touch to your crystal collection.

Ideal for meditation and energy work, this Mushroom Red Jasper is a powerful tool for balancing root chakra energies and promoting stability and vitality in one's life.

Each piece is carefully selected and handcrafted to highlight the natural beauty and intricate patterns of Red Jasper, ensuring that you receive a high-quality crystal that resonates with your intentions.

Explore the profound healing potential of Red Jasper with our Mushroom-shaped specimen, and invite harmony and strength into your spiritual practice. Add it to your cart today and experience the transformative energy of this exquisite crystal.

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