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Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Modern Witch Tarot Journal by Lisa Sterle

New illustrations by Lisa Sterle featuring the iconic women of the Modern Witch Tarot.


Modern Witch Tarot Journal is far more than a guide book, with sections on...

• CARD MEANINGS: build your own personal reference guide and log your reflections on each card

• TAROT READINGS: record your readings and interpretations. with space for shorter and more complex readings
• TAROT SPREADS: collect your favorite spreads and learn how to create your own

• TAROT DECKS: keep track of your inventory, wishlist and deck interviews

• BOOKS AND ONLINE RESOURCES: keep track of your favorite tarot books, websites and social media accounts

• TAROT CIRCLE: keep track of the people in your tarot circle, as well as professional readers. meetings and events

Compatible with all tarot decks, designed for all levels of tarot reader and packed with new full -color illustrations. Modern Witch Tarot Journal is an essential companion for developing your craft.

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