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Mandala Wind Chime - 7 Chakras Windchime

Mandala Wind Chime - 7 Chakras Windchime

Mandala Sound Chime - 24" / 60 cm

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The Sahasrara Chakra also called the crown chakra, is located at the highest point of the head. This chakra is said to be the gateway to the universe. Spirituality and trust in God are also often associated with the chakra. Sahasrara radiates a violet tone and is said to activate access to hearing oneself.

The Anja - Ahya Chakra or third eye chakra, is located between the eyebrows. This chakra is often referred to as the third eye. The indigo/violet hue of the chakra is said to reflect the strengthening of consciousness and thus activate intuition.

The Vishuddhi / Vishuddha Chakra also called the throat chakra, is located in the center of the cervical spine and is said to activate the communication level. This chakra shines in a magnificent blue.

The Anahata Chakra also called heart chakra, is located above the navel, and with its powerful green, this chakra is said to activate the relationship level in the body.

The Nabhi - Manipura Chakra also called navel chakra / solar plexus chakra. It is located above the navel. With its shiny gold color, it is said to activate the personal level. This chakra is said to awaken the willpower in the body.

The Svadhishtana Chakra is also called the sacral chakra. It is located in the lower abdominal region. The radiant orange tone is said to touch the emotional level of the body.
Our wind chimes and spinners fit into any environment with their elegant shape. The radiant colors are also a real eye-catcher.

The Muladhara Chakra is also called the root chakra. It is located at the end of the spine. The fiery red color is said to ignite vitality, self-confidence, and steadfastness in the body.
The hook and the ring, which serve as a fastening, are made of aluminum. The chimes hang from nylon ropes. The sound tubes are also made of aluminum. The clapper and the sail were made of wood. All components together result in our unique sound.

- approx. 12 x 12 x 61 cm
- approx. 240 g
- Material: nylon cord, aluminum, wood
- can be used both indoors and outdoors
- with the curved S-aluminium hook also easy to hang on the roof overhang or in trees

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