Crystal Journey Candles Reiki Energy Charged Candles


Reiki Energy Charged Candles

(1.5" x7) & (3" x 6)

Magic Happens With Reiki Charged Candles. When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allow us to enlighten the journey.

Each of these herbal magic pilar has been designed with the specific intention of using a unique blend of essential oils. They are hand-poured using the finest wax and purest blend of essential oils.

All of the candles are characterized by their pleasant scents, vibrant colors, and rich textures.

Choose from:  "Angel's Influence", Compassion", "Courage",  "Dream", "Friendship", "Good Health", "Gratitude", "Harmony", "Healing", "Housewarming", "Joy", "Laughter", "Love", "Manifest A Miracle", "Mother", "Peace", "Positive Energy", "Protection", "Spirit".