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Aurelite 23 Bracelet

Aurelite 23 Bracelet

The number 23 in this gemstone’s name refers to the number of distinct minerals contained in it, although your average Auralite 23 stone often contains seven or less. Scientists theorise that Auralite 23 was brought into being when Earth was hit by meteorites, which struck amethyst deposits, resulting in the mineral’s unique composition. The average piece of this gemstone can contain minerals such as Magnetite, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Gialite and Epidote – and many more.

Auralite 23 can have an intense effect on those who use it – often a result of its rich composition of up to 23 minerals. The stone can offer users a deeper feeling of serenity and connection to a higher power, which opens the mind to receiving more positive energies. Through those benefits, those who use Auralite 23 can also expect an improvement in their intuitive abilities.

Like manyAuralite crystal helps people who want to get in touch with their inner spirituality and connect with their true selves. When integrated properly into someone’s meditation practices and everyday routine, it can bring about a radical transformation.

For people dealing with a feeling of stagnation, using Auralite 23 can provide the inner space needed to release energy and enable your spirit to breathe. Using Auralite 23 helps with physical tension and stress, as well as muscle pain. When using this gemstone it’s important to allow your mind and body to connect – this will open you up to receive all its restorative benefits.

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