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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael often depicted with a sword and shield, armor or banners signifying war and strength. However he can also be seen with weighing scales as his other roles are justice in this life and the next. The Angel of Death is another title Michael has; again signifying the end of one aspect of our lives and the start of another, as well as weighing our souls when we return to spirit. A way of reflecting back and seeing if we have completed our purpose or mission whilst here on earth. 
The sword and shield are used today to represent a cutting of cords or energies that no longer serve and protecting us from harm. Michael can help in healing and repairing our energies where trauma, grief, past lives or karmic debts are holding us back from our true potential in this life. He will then work with Archangel Raphael to replace the negative energy, emotions, worries, doubts, physical ailments with positive vibrations. Michael will cleanse your entire being both the physical and spiritual.
An unusual symbol of Michael's is a bright white net! Like a giant fishing net that can sweep through your auric field or home to cleanse away any negativity. Visualising this net moving through energy can bring a sense of relief or weight removed as Michael takes away any old, stagnant or negative energy. See How To Connect With Archangel Michael below for suggestions on how to do this.

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