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Copper Pyramid 6"

Copper Pyramid 6"

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Copper Pyramids have the ability ti transmute and amplify energy. Its a natural energy conductor. Copper is found in the earth and in our bodies. Its a highly necessary mineral for our bodies.

Copper pyramids are often used as a part of Crystal Grids. Weather you intuitively place the crystals in a certain formation bellow, or follow a sacred geometric pattern or light code. Placing a copper pyramid over your grid will help to amplify those energies.

Copper pyramids are used commonly to clans anything that is put underneath it. Not only will it clean out the toxic elements of the object but as mentioned, copper is a natural energy conductor capable of really amplifying the energy of what is bellow it.

Pyramids are very useful.

Here are just a few things they do:


1. If you put a glass of grapefruit or orange juice under the copper pyramid, it will change the taste from bitter to sweet.


2. You can defrost vegetables under a pyramid to bring the taste back.


3. You can tenderize meat under a pyramid by defrosting it while it’s inside the pyramid.  Or, if already defrosted, put the meat under it for 20 minutes before you serve it to tenderize it.


4. If you put milk under a pyramid—after 1 or 2 weeks it turns to yogurt or cheese without getting rotten or smelling bad.  This is because the pyramid allows the friendly bacteria to work with the milk while eliminating unfriendly bacteria!  Pyramids also crystalize honey.


5. Keep a pyramid over your vitamins or your trace minerals or other natural herb products to maintain their full potency longer.  You can also extend the life of your Paralytic trace minerals by keeping them under it.



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