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Blessing Buddha Statue 15"

Blessing Buddha Statue 15"

Be inspired with Blessing Buddha! This iconic statue features the mudra of Abhayamudra, a gesture of fearlessness and protection. His other hand is in a gesture of compassion, bringing you comfort and reassurance. Feel the divine protection of this special statue!

The Blessing Buddha statue , The pose depicts Buddha bestowing blessings with his upper hand gesture of the right hand palm facing out. This hand gesture is also used to dispel fear and is commonly viewed as a gesture of a shield. This is known as the mudra, Abhayamudra or gesture of fearlessness. The pose is meant to give a feeling of reassurance and divine protection. The other hand rests in the Buddha's lap, open and facing upward as a gesture of compassion. Some depictions feature the other hand extended out in a gesture of comfort.

Material: Resine

Weight: 5lbs

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