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      A relatively new find, Garnierite reminds us of our inner Divinity, and as divine beings, our ability to create and manifest. Garnierite is used to attract prosperity, luck, especially in games of chance, and bring us closer to our desires. There is a reason this nickel-based green stone, like other Heart Chakra stones, helps bring abundance. Our heart center radiates with a magnetic field that is 5,000 times that of the brain. We are meant to manifest through our heart and our emotions.

      When we wish to manifest something material in life that is for our highest good, then working with Garnierite can help us see what must be done to achieve it. Whether what we wish to acquire is spiritual, emotional, or physical, writing the intention down and placing it underneath Garnierite in sacred space can be a lovely manifestation ceremony. When we have been working towards something for some time, Garnierite can support us with a second, third, or fourth wind to keep us moving towards that goal.

      As a Heart Chakra stone, it promotes self-love and friendship, and helps us recognize the powerful radiance of ourselves and those around us. It is a perfect meditation tool to help us remember we are infinite, all-powerful beings.

      Physically, Garnierite reminds us we should treat our divine selves as temples, and encourages us to eat more natural foods to connect us back to mother earth.

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