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Danburite Associations

Chakras - Third Eye, Crown 
Zodiac - Leo

Healing with Danburite

Danburite, one of the highest vibrational crystals, has incredibly supportive healing properties that carry us through each difficult stage of grief after a loss. It soothes us when we experience the many complexities of pain and grounds us when we feel that everything is changing rapidly.

Whether you’ve recently suffered a loss or have had to adjust to life without a loved one for many years, Danburite helps to relieve pain and lessen the weight of grief. While grief may make us feel that our worlds have been turned upside down, this centering crystal helps us to regain a sense of stability as we relearn how to manage each day. 

Believed to cleanse the crown chakra, Danburite’s comforting energy reassures us that we are still a part of the same universe as our loved ones who have passed away. Keep a piece of Danburite nearby on days when you are missing your loved one more than usual. Its presence will remind you of the memories you shared with your loved one, and help you to feel closer to them once more.

Danburite’s calming properties make it an excellent meditation stone. Take a moment to be still with your crystal anytime you need to decompress and breathe.

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