Mother’s Day Crystal & Smudge Kit Gift Set


A selection of handpicked spiritual tools for Mother’s Day witch includes:

Mother's herbal pillar candle: this is 1.5” in diameter and 7” tall. These are made in Connecticut by Crystal Journey Candles and are Reiki Charged.  Its message reads: “Thank you for your unselfish love and understanding; your loyalty and generosity, your constant encouragement and concern.  I love you.  Don’t forget to cut the wick to approximately 1/4”, remove the label and charge the candle before you light it ( charging instructions in the title of the candle pillar.

Rose Quartz Necklace with 18” Silver Plated Chain: Rose Quartz is the crystal representing unconditional love, promoting love, self-love, and friendship.

3” Selenite Bowl is a must-have and handy cleaner.  As you may already know, selenite is one of the crystals that have the properties of cleansing itself and other crystals.  Please your worn Jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, at least once every seven days to cleanse them.

Clear Quartz the Master Healer: well known for amplifying other crystals' energy, but at the same time, it may be programmed to do as you wish.  A must-have, but not everyone owns one.

Amethyst Druzy: is known for its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy and is also well known even to those who are not into Crystals or minerals.

Black Tourmaline Log:  one of the best protection crystals because it’s always hungry of negative energy.  It absorbs negative energy endlessly, it should be cleanse often or place on top or next to Selenite.

Palo Santo & Sage Leaf can cleanse and purify your space.

Each Kit is made using natural crystals, and the crystals and items included in the kit may vary in size.  This item is also available in the store.