Caring for Crystals

Learning to Care for Your Gems and Crystals in Miami, FL Area

There are different ways to care for your crystals. In order to restore crystals to their natural state, it is important to clean them and recharge your stones. Gems and stones are most beneficial when they have been cared for well.

Common Crystals and Cleansing Methods

Angelite: Cleanse Angelite with sage or place it in a selenite bowl to clear the energies it absorbs. Never soak it in water.    

Auralite 23: Use sage to cleanse the energy that the crystal absorbed. Signing bowls are also great to use, since their sound create vibrations that clear the energy.    

Celestite:Soak it in water with salt for several hours, or the time you feel it should be soaked. Smudging is another great way of cleansing Celestite.    

Blue Lace Agate   

This stone can be soaked in salt-water. It can also be cleansed by smudging with sage for a couple of seconds.     

Lava Volcanic Stone   

Leave it on Selenite for as long as you feel necessary or pass sage under the rock.    


Soak in saltwater for a few hours or smudge with sage. It can also be buried under the earth to cleanse and recharge its energy. Then use running water to clean off the dirt.       

Lepidolite  Scientific 

Cleanse the stone’s energy with sage or place it on a selenite bowl. Never clean with water because water will break down the stone due to its fragility.     

Pink Tourmaline  

Lay it on half an inch of salt overnight or for an hour. Rinse it with water a few times per week. You can also smudge with sage.    

Tiger’s Eye   

Regularly cleanse this stone by letting it sit in water, since this stone absorbs a lot of negative energy. Bury it in the Earth for a more intense cleanse.    

Tiger Iron 

Bury the stones in the Earth for a deep cleanse or let it sit in water for a few hours. Sage also helps cleanse the energy that Tiger Iron absorbs.    


Charoite can be cleansed with water, sage, or other preferred methods.     

Petrified Wood    

Clean with warm water.    


A good way to cleanse Septarian is holding it under running water for a few minutes. Another great method is burying it underground. Being in contact with the Earth is excellent for cleansing the energy and recharging the stone.    


Holding it under running water is a good way of cleansing Carnelian. You can also keep it in a bowl of saltwater for a few hours to cleanse the energy. Burring it under the Earth will cleanse and recharge the crystal. You can also use sage to clear away any energy it previously absorbed.    

Red Jasper   

Smudging clears away any energies the Jasper absorbed when letting the smoke bathe the stone for a few seconds. Using sound is another great way to clear the energy of the stone. Singing bowls and bells create a vibration that bathes the stone and clears away old energies attached to the stone.    

Cherry Quartz   

Cherry Quartz can be smudged with sage to clean its energies. It can also be placed in a bowl of water with sea salt for a couple of hours.     


Because Rhodonite absorbs a lot of energy, especially if used often, it’s best to regularly cleanse this crystal. Smudging is a great way to clear the energies that were absorbed in Rhodonite. Sage and Palo Santo are great tools for smudging. You can also gently wash them with fresh water.    


Because this is a soft crystal, Rhodochrosite should not be submerged in water. Instead, lay the stone on Selenite overnight or for a few hours. You can also smudge with Sage and Palo Santo.    

Pink Opal   

Hot or cold water can crack your opal, so instead use warm water. They can be immersed in warm water for a short time for cleansing and recharging the crystal. If you don’t want to use water, you can always use Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse and recharge the crystal. Placing it over a Selenite bowl or plate is also very effective.    

Rose Quartz   

Let it sit in a bowl of water and salt for a few hours to cleanse the energies it absorbed. You can also place it on Selenite or use sage or Palo Santo for smudging.    


Due to the nature of this stone, it’s not good to keep it in water for long periods of time, as it can be damaged. You can smudge the crystal with Sage, letting the smoke bathe the stone and cleanse its energy. You can also place it on Selenite to cleanse and charge it.    

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